Where We Live: Dan Esty Goes DEEP

The New Head of the DEP, takes on Energy too

Dan Esty
Photo:Chion Wolf, WNPR
Where We Live: Dan Esty Goes Green
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Where We Live: Dan Esty Goes Green


Dan Esty is the new head of the Department of Environmental Protection – and if Governor Dannel Malloy gets his way, that job will grow to include “Energy” in the title. 

Esty’s a Yale professor who’s advised President Obama on energy policy, and several corporations on how to “go green.” 

He’s been talking about how to create more “green jobs” in the state – how to speed up the DEP’s permitting process – and how to bring down our sky-high energy costs. But this is a big job. So how is he going to protect the environment while making life easier for business?