Colin McEnroe Show: Everyone Loves Trees

How can we save our tall, friendly neighbors?

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Colin McEnroe Show: Everyone Loves Trees
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Colin McEnroe Show: Everyone Loves Trees

Quick. In what leafy, wooded Connecticut municipality can you find a Japanese Threadleaf Maple, an Ohio Buckeye, a PawPaw, a Weeping Birch, a Cedar of Lebanon, a Golden Hinoki False-Cypress, a Winterberry Euonymus, a Kentucky Coffeetree, a Fruitless White Mulberry, and a Tanyosho Pine.

That would be the city of Hartford. In fact, for complicated reasons, Hartford may have a more diverse and exotic stock of trees than any of its 168 Connecticut cousins. Identifying, measuring and cataloguing the state's thousands of noteworthy trees is a labor of love, and today on the show we'll talk to two of the loving laborers.

But we're also talking to people engaged in the somewhat newer effort to clone existing trees, in order to preserve notable examples -- like the California sequoia -- and reforest bare areas -- like Ireland -- with tough, durable trees.

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E-mail from BG

We have a large and very old (what I believe to be) Dutch Elm in front of our home in New Haven. Our new neighbor next door has said that he wants to cut the tree down because of some problems the roots cause. The roots have extended through the sewer lines in the front of both of our homes, causing expensive plumbing issues from time to time. I am adamant against having this beautiful, majestic tree cut down just because it causes us homeowners occasional inconvenience. Please ask your guest whom I can contact, should the neighbor press this issue in the future and fight to have the tree cut down.

Also, New Haven does not properly maintain this tree. We have called and emailed countless city departments for 4 years to have them trim it properly, and keep it alive. The tree is stressed. Any ideas from your guest as to whom else we might contact for assistance?

And the Tree Walk on Sat 10am - where is this being held?