Colin McEnroe Show: Supporting The Military Family

We speak with wives (and husbands) of soldiers deployed overseas.

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Kristen Tsetsi
Photo:Chion Wolf
Colin McEnroe Show: Supporting The Military Family
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Colin McEnroe Show: Supporting The Military Family

Just a few days ago, the First Two Ladies on the United States, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden announced a national initiative called Joining Forces. The idea is to combine as many elements of society as possible -- communities, individuals, nonprofits and businesses -- to make life a little less stressful for military families.

On this show, you'll hear about why that effort is necessary. When we think about our three theaters of war and the multiple deployments that seem to be, these days, almost a given, we tend to think of the soldiers, not his or her spouse or his or her kids. 
For those families on the home front, the problems can range from mere frustration  -- a mom with four kids and no way of getting coverage so she can spend an hour at the gym -- to massive: families literally coming apart under the strain and souses driven to suicide.
Five spouses and many more stories today.
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Public and government involvement

One of the reasons LIFT ("Like" it for TIME) was created was to bring the military family experience to the civilian population in a way they'd not yet been exposed to it. The public won't lend its voice to military families and their needs if they have no idea who they are, if they don't know their stories.

To learn more about who these people are - BEYOND the yellow ribbons you see on car bumpers or the characters you see on the show "Army Wives" - please visit LIFT:

Thank you,
Kristen Tsetsi
LIFT founder

Domestic Violence by soldiers who come home from war

I am a victim. My children are victims. Commands need to embrace the soldiers who are in need of medication after a deployments not hinder or ridicule. I was almost killed by my husband October 21, 2010 after he took himself off meds and him hearing that another deployment was approaching. See my story at

Speak Up Families. Speak Out. God Bless.

E-mail from Anonymous

I am a Vietnam widow and for 42 years know that families continue to struggle and coup with issues long after their spouse's combat death. If the government is unwilling to fund ALL aspects of the long term affects of war, both for the military men and women, and their families including widows and orphans, then the government needs to reconsider the long-term cost of war. Although I think communities should reach out to military families, the government should be embrassed to have to ask for help to meet the needs that result from war.