Where We Live: Design Thinking Takes On Health Care

Design Thinking, The Great Solution?

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Todd Staub
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Design Thinking Takes On Health Care
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Where We Live: Design Thinking Takes On Health Care

From shopping to banking to taxes “design thinking” is all around us....But beyond the buzz phrase, what does it mean?

Here’s another one: “Data Visualization” - and you’ve gotta come up with something better than an overhead projector showing a pie chart.  

Today we try to understand these new ways of looking at the systems that govern our lives, health, finances, even our environmental impact.  

We’ll talk with participants in this past weekend’s Donaghue Foundation conference that addressed the importance of design in reshaping healthcare.  Advocates say these new strategies can empower patients to take control of their own health.  

And we’ll explore the fun side of statistics as we look at revolutionary new uses of data visualization to make a jumble of numbers accessible, even beautiful.  



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