Colin McEnroe Show: Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

Ways to cool off and a brief history of air conditioners in America.

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John Mandyck
Photo:Chion Wolf
Colin McEnroe Show: Stay Cool In The Summer Heat
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Colin McEnroe Show: Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

I'm not opposed to air conditioning. I'm opposed to its ubiquity and misuse.

The AC here in the Dankosky Building is, frankly, way too high, at least in the area where we all work.
We've learned to wear shoes and socks, not sandals and to bring sweaters and sports jackets to help us stay warm. Josie Holtzman has a very stylish summer anorak on today. Even so, when I leave the building, and the wall of hot air hits me like a blast furnace, I am so grateful, like a man led to a fireplace after a night exposed on the Matterhorn. 
The building is also kept cool all night when there's nobody in it. There has to be a better way. 
The AC in my car hasn't worked all summer. it hasn't really bothered me, except to the extent that air rushing in the open windows makes the radio hard to hear. 
I have slept every night of the summer except one cooled by some array of fans. An overhead one works fantastically well.
We'll talk about ways to stay cool on today's show. And we want to hear from you. Are you an avid A/C user? Do you pride yourself on never flipping on the central air unit? 
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