Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut X-Files

Examining cases of unexplained Connecticut phenomena.

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Marc D'Antonio
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Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut X-Files
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Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut X-Files

While I was working on the first "Connecticut Curiosities" book, a project I handed off eventually to Bill Heald and Susan Campbell, I found myself, one warm afternoon, deep in the woods of East Haddam looking for a giant stone clown head I had been assured, more than once, was lying out there. 

It's not. At least I'm pretty sure it's not. That's the thing about X-Files. It's tough to close them. And who wants to foreclose on the possibilities of UFOs, mutants, ghosts, space-time portals and strange unclassifiable animals, anyway?
People think Connecticut is pretty boring, so I'm grateful for today's guests, who spend a lot of time cataloguing possible Connecticut conspiracies, anomalies and exotic presences. 
Every now and then, there's something real and mysterious. We'll talk about a number of those cases today.
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E-mail from Christopher

Funny you should ask about Trappy, the Trap Falls Lake Monster -- I've been meaning to write about it on our website ... look for a post at the beginning of April ... thanks!

In response

Possibly with so many, dare I say, "sightings" in recent years, maybe camoflauge is the reason. If you see blinking lights in the sky at night, you immediately discount the object you are looking at as a commercial plane.

This may lead to less attention, less interception by military units, and more time to do whatever they may or may not be doing...

Little People vs. Pygmy Villages

Point of clarification:

Little People's Kingdom/Village is in Watertown off of Waterbury Road. It is very real, with actual small structures and such, but of course no secret race of tiny people lived there.

The so-called pygmy village is where the caller said it was (New Britain/Plainville line) up,up, up the hill near the Nike Missle Base. It's nothing; just some beat-down houses and such on a really beat-down road.

To this day I'm amazed how many people come to my site looking for info on Pygmy Village. Way more than my rational mind every imagined.

E-mail from Sara

I'm just catching the end of your CT X-Files show. Have you talked about Dudleytown yet?

E-mail from Georg

Most commercial airliners have color coded lights in order to be seen.
Why would true UFO's need lights? I assume their technologies may not require them.

E-mail from Christopher

I previously worked in Shelton, and while there I often heard stories of "Trappy" the Trap Falls Lake Monster. I was just wondering if your guests have ever heard of Trappy, and if so, is there any validity to the Trappy legend?