Where We Live: Scared Sick

The struggles for those suffering and the costs for everyone.

Sheila Murphy from "Living with Hypochondria"
Where We Live: Scared Sick
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Where We Live: Scared Sick

All the news about health and medicine we’re exposed to might lead some to healthier lifestyles...but to some people, all this information can cause a problem.

For hypochondriacs, a little knowledge about health and medicine can lead to a fear of everything that can possibly go wrong with their bodies.

Today, a documentary by health reporter Karen Brown called “Living with Hypochondria: The Real Costs of Imagined Illness.”

It looks at people who struggle with this disorder - and the impact on the health care system, already stretched thin - of individuals who demand expensive tests to diagnose disease that’s a part of their imaginations.

Dr. David Tolin of the Institute of Living will join us later to talk about hypochondria and other anxiety disorders - many of which don’t get very much respect from the public.





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Maybe with names like Dankosky or Talarski you might remember or have relatives who could remind you about the seven gifts of the holy spirit given at the time of Confirmation. Included among them are Understanding, Wisdom and Discernment. To the moderns or postmoderns these are pretty much the same thing, but of course they are distinct and different intangible qualities. The call-in show called Where We Live does not separate irrelevant noise from useful signal. It insites instead of inspiring. It arouses instead of guiding toward a higher truth. It passes air time cheaply. Is this how you should use your talents?