Colin McEnroe Show: Searching For Proof Of Religion

From Mormon archaeology to bible digs - how is science trying to prove religion?

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Colin McEnroe Show: Searching For Proof Of Religion
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Colin McEnroe Show: Searching For Proof Of Religion

In Petersberg KY, there's a Creation Museum where the exhibits at the museum teach that the Earth is 6,000 years old and was created in six 24-hour days. The founders say more than a million people have visited — 80 percent of which are from out of state. It's such a good economic development tool that the governor of Kentucky is supporting financial aid to a companion museum about Noah's Ark, with an ark built to biblical scale, to show people that the whole concept really could have worked. 

Also this summer, we've seen reports about conservative Christian scholars who are publicly conceding, in an unprecedented way, that the story of Adam and Eve cannot be literally true, that there cannot have been a moment when only two people were alive on Earth. Does this mean the whole creation story falls apart?
Today, we'll look at other example of hard science stacked up against deep faith. 
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E-mail from Austin

Your scholar is close on the history of the Book of Mormon but just enough off to make me crazy.

The Book of Mormon is a series of writings by several different authors, all consolidated by a prophet named Mormon - hence the title. It is similar to the Bible in varied story lines, but all central to the belief that Jesus Christ visited the Americas after He was resurrected.

The Jaredites did not traverse the ocean in a submarine either although I can see how he might interpret it that way.

I respect your guest's professional opinions and experiences, but his broad generalizations are unfair and at the fringe to say the least. It is pretty clear what he thinks of the LDS faith and I think its unfortunate that he is unable to present an objective opinion of the archaeology without such a negative outlook towards the LDS Church.

Does he really think 14 million people all over the world are crazy? We just happen to believe a slightly different account that doesn't end Christianity with the Bible.

I am sure you are expecting this email, or ones like it. I guess on this one we will just have to agree to disagree.