Colin McEnroe Show: Circling The Drain

We use them every day, but why aren't we comfortable talking toilets?

A WNPR toilet
Photo:Chion Wolf
Colin McEnroe Show 05-10-2010
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Colin McEnroe Show 05-10-2010

As I was saying to my new friend and one of today's guests, Professor Toilet,  I have a nagging, epic sense of of what Goethe called Toiletteschmerz (toilet sadness.)

Neither one of my home toilets really gets the job done. In fact, there’s a huge undocumented class of Americans who have to flush the toilet twice every time they poop. The U.S. Census Bureau should be asking about this.
And there's a tremendous time sink - to mix porcelain metaphors - as these Americans wait around for the tank to refill so they can reflush.
My toilets are not cutting edge eco-toilets. They’re sort of the opposite. They’re old toilets that don’t work that well. Of course I, as toilet depositor, am old and don’t work that well either. So it’s the Circle of Life.
I approve of new water saving toilets, but they are, right now, a distant dream for me, like flying cars.
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***This episode originally broadcast May 10, 2010.***