Where We Live: What's For Lunch?

USDA announces new school lunch guidelines for the first time in 15 years

Lonnie Burt
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: What's For Lunch?
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Where We Live: What's For Lunch?


Pizza...tacos...mystery vegetable.  Oooh, you want tater tots with that?

Yes, the iconic school lunch.  It has strangely changed very little over the years, and accomplishes a difficult feat.  It’s not thought of fondly by either nutritionists or students.

But all that may be changing.  

Whether it’s superstar chef Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” or Alice Waters’ Revolutionary “Edible Schoolyard,” big thinkers about food and nutrition have been trying to get healthier choices into the school cafeteria.

Today Where We Live, we’ll talk about school lunches in advance of a state gathering about education and nutrition.

We’ll find out about new USDA regulations that will add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat milk to school meals.  

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School Lunch

John, Thanks for covering this topic. A couple of things, Mr. Magnarelli several times stated that "It will look a lot like what has been served previously." THAT is the problem. Nachos made with "whole grain" chips, mozzerella sticks breaded with "whole grain"... this is the direction we're going in. As a parent, I will continue to push my district (West Hartford) to do better than this. Our children deserve better food at schools, not a menu of unhealthy, fast-food style appetizers. Everyone agrees it's not a simple task, but we need to make these changes.