Where We Live: Same-Sex Marriage And The Catholic Church

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Phil Whitehouse (Flickr Creative Commons)
Where We Live: Same-Sex Marriage and the Catholic Church
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Where We Live: Same-Sex Marriage and the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has had a long history of difficulties surrounding the ideas of sex and sexuality, problems that have forced their way into the public spotlight in recent decades. The scandal of sexually abusive priests and the Church's strong stance against same-sex marriage and in some cases, homosexual behavior itself seem to be problems of the Church hierarchy and not necessarily of the parishioners who seem to split with the Church on many of these issues.

A conference coming up this weekend called, "More than a Monologue: Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church" will happen at the Yale Divinity School. It will bring together scholars and thinkers on the subject for what they hope will stimulate much needed and expanded consideration of the topic.

***Registration for the conference is closed but a live webstream is available here.***