Where We Live: Asperger's Syndrome

One segment of the autism spectrum is a relatively recent diagnosis.

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Michael Forbes Wilcox
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Where We Live: Asperger's Syndrome
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Where We Live: Asperger's Syndrome

There is one part of the autism spectrum with a specific name: Asperger’s Syndrome.

Asperger’s is a relatively new diagnosis - it was just added to the DSM in 1994.

It’s said to be a “milder” form of autism... Those with Asperger's may face social challenges and sometimes develop unusual behaviors and interests.

However, they typically do not have many of the problems with language or intellectual disability normally associated with autism.

Today, we’ll talk with people who have Asperger's, and those who work with them. And, we’ll learn how what’s seen by some as a disability can also provide unique abilities in certain areas.

We want to hear from you if you or someone you know or love has Asperger’s Syndrome.  



Thank you for putting this out there.

You see a lot of news and media about autism but rarely speciffically aspergers syndrome. Just like Michael, I had a very late diagnosis; I was diagnosed March of 2010 and I am sixteen years old now. I am actually a tenth grade student at the Franklin Academy where Fred is the headmaster. Last year some of the girls at Franklin and I attended a Aspergers syndrome of new England panel and I found it very interesting to hear what the panelist had to say and what was said here. I liked how you erased the line between low functioning and high functioning people who have aspergers, in a way. Just like Michael, I have horrible organizational skills but have found different ways to approch things. I use folders instead of binders even though I am in 10th grade as binders are just too much for me to deal with in a sense. I find that you just have to find ways that work for you. That is why I like Franklin Academy so much; they work with you to find and label what works and does not work for you and the staff wirks with you.I know for me listening to music actually helps me focus..I listen to my music during class now and even exams. the fact that everyone has aspergers or NLD also is great as we all understand each other and are able and willing to help each other.
I actually shared this on my Facebook wall for people to understand what makes me 'me!' I hoped that maybe one or two people would look at in. I got a response from twenty four of kids I know not from Franklin Academy that watched the entire broadcast and now really understand the way I roll. Thank you for putting this out there and really describing what it means to be an "aspergirl."

Thank you for this opportunity to raise public awareness

I appreciated being able to put my two cents' worth in to the show today but the one thing I didn't have time to add was this: When social skills are taught to neurotypical kids about how to celebrate diversity, get along with and play or work with others who may not think or do things quite the same way, and embrace the notion that "fair is what every child needs," students with Asperger Syndrome can be and are included successfully in typical classrooms and thrive socially, academically, and otherwise. It is leaving them to "sink or swim" with untrained educators that makes mainstreaming untenable for many. With appropriate individual supports (e.g., sensory breaks, access to assistive technology, positive approaches to behavior challenges) and trained staff, though, students with AS are a welcome additional to any classroom.

Listener email from Brian

Working to support families, schools, and businesses with sensations charitable foundation's help we offer families many of the programs, services, and social opportunities discussed today. Can the information be shared?
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We would love to follow up on todays conversation.