Where We Live: Crowdsourced Science

Users can search for planets and analyze proteins from their couch.

Andromeda & star nurseries
Photo:Cano Vääri (Flickr Creative Commons)
Where We Live: Crowdsourced Science
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Where We Live: Crowdsourced Science

Today, we’re talking about crowds...their power, and perhaps, their combined wisdom.

A recent Boston Globe column called the scientific world a closed society. But technological innovation has opened up the field to the ordinary citizen on the outside with online programs such as Foldit and Planet Hunters - attempts at “crowdsourcing” some of our trickiest problems.

Later on in the program, we’ll talk with a representative from the Planet Hunters team about searching for distant planets from the comfort of your living room. 

Special thanks to Betsy Kaplan for putting together today's show.