Where We Live: A Liberal Arts Education

There has been talk about whether a Liberal Arts college degree is worth it

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Where We Live: A Liberal Arts Education
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Where We Live: A Liberal Arts Education

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether a Liberal Arts college degree is worth it. Some leading liberal arts schools are trying to make their case.

It used to be that a new college graduate could walk off the campus and into a job, but that’s not happening right now and, new graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to find work against the background of mounting debt.

As a result, many top administrators are taking a hard look at the liberal arts model to see if it still fits the job market of tomorrow. Does it make more sense to leave the liberal arts behind and go into fields of study with greater potential for economic gain and innovation?

Today, Where We Live, college presidents from the Annapolis Group--a consortium of liberal arts colleges--and faculty from Trinity College and George Mason University join us to discuss the value of the liberal arts in education.

We want to hear from you--how have the liberal arts helped you, or not. Are you a recent graduate? What is your experience? Are you the parent of a college-aged student? the parent of a recent graduate? Tell us what you think.



Actually I believe that any

Actually I believe that any form of education that teaches about freedom of expression is most welcomed and what better field to do that than the liberal arts. I am thinking to go for this field through an online degree. It would help me develop on so many levels.

Even if you graduate from

Even if you graduate from collage a masters Degree represents an advantage in your CV. I attended a Liberal Art collage and it helped me, but in the end any form of higher education program it's good for your future.

I think that all of the

I think that all of the college degrees are worth it. If someone feels that he loves liberal arts - why not? It is really important to learn something that you love. For example I am taking cna classes in michigan because I love them. I wouldn't go there if I wouldn't love them. It's really important. That's why I am supporting liberal arts for sure. Thanks for the post here by the way!

I guess liberal arts has

I guess liberal arts has become the new arts history. I needed some swtor credits when I was in unversity, and I was studying philosophy at the time. It wasn't the most popular degree (in the UK) at the time, but still it was deemed to be of questionable practical value post-degree. I guess it always come down to the individual.

I was one of the students

I was one of the students graduating from a liberal arts college and I've had a very hard time getting even a half decent job with that degree. It wasn't until I also got into some rn to bsn online programs that I was able to get a well paid job. The world today is revolving more around economical aspects rather than artistic and there is a risk of remaining unemployed if you aren't really talented when graduating from an arts college.

At the moment we need more

At the moment we need more people who have a master in public health. The medical field has a real problem with the shortage of professional staff available. Think about that.

I attended and graduated from

I attended and graduated from Carthage College, a liberal arts college with both a strong core curriculum and a curricular approach where the liberal arts ideal was woven throughout the curriculum.

15+ years have passed since graduation and I am thankful that I attended a liberal arts college. And, to be brutally honest, I didn't intentionally seek out a liberal arts college, or even grasp what that meant when I was a high school student.

Why am I thankful? Because my education taught me how to think critically and analytically, how to learn independently, and how to communicate effectively. Those skills have allowed me to adapt and thrive professionally. They've also made me a better parent than I think I would have otherwise been.

While I didn't grasp what a liberal arts education meant during my own college search, a quality liberal arts education will be a core search criteria as my own children begin their college searches.