Healthcare Reform Board Now Fully Funded

Organizations donated $615,000 to help complete the work of the Sustinet board

Healthcare Reform Board Now Fully Funded
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Healthcare Reform Board Now Fully Funded


A group of foundations have come together to fund the State board charged with implementing Connecticut's universal healthcare plan, Sustinet. WNPR's Ray Hardman reports:
In 2009, Connecticut's General Assembly passed the Sustinet bill, a plan to provide quality, affordable healthcare for most Connecticut residents by 2014. By law, The Sustinet board has until the end of the year to make recommendations to the legislature regarding the details of and implementation process for a self-insured health care plan. But with no state funding for the board, the law has amounted to an unfunded mandate.
The Connecticut Health Foundation and Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut along with national  foundations the Jessie B. Cox charitable Lead Trust and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have donated $615,000 to help complete the work of the Sustinet board. Frances Padilla, acting president of Universal Healthcare Foundation says the funding will employ experts in the field of Healthcare: 
"These experts all together really will help the Sustinet board meet its charge and be able to bring to the legislature the kind of recommendations that are as detail oriented as they can possibly be to ensure implementation of Sustinet in 2012.
The Sustinet board is expected to finish a report to the General Assembly next month outlining how Sustinet will work in tandem with new federal Healthcare reform legislation.
For WNPR, I'm Ray Hardman.