Where We Live: Adult Friendships

Facebook has redefined the word “friend.”

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Where We Live: Adult Friendships
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Where We Live: Adult Friendships

Facebook has redefined the word “friend.” But what if you’re looking for real friends - where would you begin?

It seems natural for adults, after high school or college, to struggle with new patterns of adult relationships.

When the weekend arrives, maybe we find ourselves a little bit at a loss for where to go to find the people we want to hang out with, people who aren't work colleagues or family members.

Facebook and Twitter make it both better and worse. We're more connected than ever, but all that connection can lead to a lot of superficial relationships, or an opposite to connection -- feeling left out.

And where can we find relationships that are a little more genuine?

Today we’ll hear from an author who “interviewed” new friends, and from a UConn social psychology professor talking about adult friendships.



Adult Friendships

I wish I had been able to listen this morning, because I definitely would hve called in! I was really disappinted that it took until the last 3 minutes of the show for male/female bff reationships to come up in conversation.... Maybe that should have its own show. My bff is a male. I have historically had closer male than female friends - I just get along better w/ men, in general. This 1 happens to be married, & that dynamic has been "interesting". I like his wife very much, & we have discussed her issues w/ our friendship openly. When I asked her if she would feel differently if I was a man, & we were sitting around watching football (whatever), she said, "No." When I asked why, she responded, "Because *I* have no friends!" - which points to a much larger issue, in which a spouse conciously resents/prevents their SO from having ANY friendship(s).... On the flipside, I see my daughter (15)'s generation being capable of truly platonic, mixed gender friendships, & they are genuine - warms my heart.