Where We Live: Adult Friendships

Facebook has redefined the word “friend.”

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David Kenny
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Where We Live: Adult Friendships
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Where We Live: Adult Friendships

Facebook has redefined the word “friend.” But what if you’re looking for real friends - where would you begin?

It seems natural for adults, after high school or college, to struggle with new patterns of adult relationships.

When the weekend arrives, maybe we find ourselves a little bit at a loss for where to go to find the people we want to hang out with, people who aren't work colleagues or family members.

Facebook and Twitter make it both better and worse. We're more connected than ever, but all that connection can lead to a lot of superficial relationships, or an opposite to connection -- feeling left out.

And where can we find relationships that are a little more genuine?

Today we’ll hear from an author who “interviewed” new friends, and from a UConn social psychology professor talking about adult friendships.



Please add this to my list of interests

music, singing, playing guitar, dancing.
Also, I'm wondering if I can see posts from others. My internet was giving me problems last week.


I have very few female friends. I like culture, politics, books, cafes, t'ai chi, new age things, honesty. I am a good listener and am supportive. I would like friends in the Hartford/New Haven area who are good listeners also.