Where We Live: Waste

and our disposable culture

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Where We Live: Waste
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Where We Live: Waste

Sure, we’ve got more choice than ever before.

But do you ever wonder what happens to all that food on the shelves that doesn’t get bought - and eaten?

Journalist Jonathan Bloom is author of American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of its Food and What We Can Do About It.  He’ll talk about all the food we throw away.

But, you’ll be shocked how much of our “waste problem” comes from the medical field.  Not just biomedical or hazardous waste - but the plastic packaging from countless products.  

We’ll look into this - and a new problem of “e-waste.”  

Electronics products are the fastest growing type of waste in many countries. There are environmental concerns about how to get rid of it - and with newer, flashier models of cell phones coming out every year, the problem isn’t likely to get better.  

Today, where we live, we’ll talk to people who’ll tell us how much we waste, what it costs, and why it matters.

Join the conversation - where we live - right after this news.



Of all the waste we produce

Of all the waste we produce what worries me the most is the electronic waste. It's toxic and it's growing at an alarming rate, and unfortunately there are still many people have no idea how to properly dispose of it. I've always used television disposal Milwaukee services for my broken TVs and computers and I think we wouldn't have to worry about this issue so much if everyone would use similar services for their broken electronics.