Prison Love

It may be different than you think.

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Dr. Robert Trestman.
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Prison Love
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Prison Love

I never gave much thought to today's topic until 1990, when the Associated Press reported that a woman identified only as Margaret was engaged to be married to Dennis Coleman, serving a 34 year sentence for the murder of Joyce Aparo. The case -- for reasons I don't have time to explain right now -- had transfixed Connecticut and was one of the state's most high profile murders of the 20th century. 

My colleagues and I puzzled over the question of why a woman would marry a guy in Coleman's shoes. At one of those meetings, a colleague said, "This goes on more than you'd think. A lot of women are really drawn to men in prison."
But why? There are some obvious answers. You don't have to wonder if they're running around at night. And if you're feeling vulnerable, you know there are some real limits on what they could do to you, at least while they're still inside. Are there other answers?
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***This episode originally aired on June 20th, 2012***