In The "Obamacare" Waiting Room

We continue to wait for the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court decision.

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The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act next week.
The Court could strike down all or part of President Obama's health care reform law...or keep it. Photo:Matt Renlund (Flickr Creative Commons)
WNPR health reporter Jeff Cohen.
Photo:Chion Wolf
President of the Connecticut State Medical Society Dr. Michael Krinsky
Photo:Chion Wolf
Counsel to Murtha Cullina Stephen Ronai.
Photo:Chion Wolf
In The "Obamacare" Waiting Room
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In The "Obamacare" Waiting Room

It’s officially called the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Some detractors call it “Obamacare.” And, soon the court may call it unconstitutional.

We’ve been waiting for months to hear what the US Supreme Court will rule on the health care reform that is seen as “transformational” - even by those who don’t like it too much.

It is meant to provide health care coverage to all Americans - but the provision that mandates purchase of that coverage is what has it in front of the court.

That mandate is what allows the law to actually work - at least according to many actuarial observers. By forcing the young and healthy to “buy in” to coverage, there’s enough risk spread around the system to insure those who need more care.

If the court finds this provision unconstitutional it could put at risk all sorts of other changes under the law that most Americans really like.

And what will happen to the state health “exchanges” that are a key part of this reform if the law goes away?

Today, we have a conversation about the Affordable Care Act, the Court and Connecticut.