The Rise of Women

why are there still so few women in top jobs?

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Dr. Laurie Loiacono
Photo:Chion Wolf
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Women outpace men in colleges and graduate school and account for half of the workforce, so why are there still so few women in top jobs?

Because women have more education and career opportunities than ever before, because they’ve entered male-dominated fields like medicine, the military and engineering in numbers only dreamed about by their grandmothers...there’s a case that we’ve reached a kind of “gender equity.”

But women hold only 14% of corporate executive jobs.  Only a third make partner in law firms, and their wait is longer.

So why aren’t more women attaining powerful leadership positions? Are they closed out of top positions or do they choose not to pursue them?

Maybe a little of both.

Today we’ll talk to three women at the top of their field in medicine, the clergy and the military to find out what’s going on.

And we want to hear from you. Have you opted out of your career? Have you been passed over for a job because you’re a woman?