Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans On Trial

A look at veterans with PTSD navigating the criminal justice system.

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Approximately two million veterans served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan since 2001.
Mental health professionals are seeing an influx of PTSD cases. Photo:U.S. Army (Flickr Creative Commons)
Honorable Barry Schaller
Schaller is the author of, "Veterans on Trial: The Coming Court Battles Over PTSD." Photo:Chion Wolf
Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans On Trial
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Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans On Trial

In the Civil War, it was called soldiers heart or WWI it was known as shell shock.

These days its known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Talk to any veteran and they'll tell you.. war changes you. Some come back to their families and re-integrate with no problems.

But 2 million veterans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and mental health professionals are seeing more PTSD than ever before. Today, we'll talk with author Barry Schaller about his book, Veterans on Trial. Schaller says PTSD is not an individual disorder..but a public health problem that needs to be better addressed to avoid an epidemic in the years to come.

We'll also hear from a veteran who dealt with PTSD while navigating the judicial system. And we'll find out exactly what programs exist to help them.

Are you or a family member a veteran with PTSD? What can be done in the military and medical profession to improve support for servicemembers?