Connecticut's Space Case

Examining NASA's Role in Supporting Connecticut Businesses

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Connecticut's Space Case
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Connecticut's Space Case

Two stories this summer have had us thinking about the stars... and a bit about our own backyard.  

The death of Neil Armstrong - the first man to walk on the moon - has made many nostalgic for a time when the American space program captured the world’s imagination.  The local connection?  

The iconic Apollo spacesuit was designed by Connecticut’s own Hamilton Standard.  That company - now Hamilton Sunstrand - just announced job cuts at its aerospace division.

Meanwhile, the Mars Rover Curiosity has been a phenomenon - and it’s a Connecticut company, Yardney Technical Products - that supplies its battery power.

Smaller companies like Yardney are benefitting from a “new NASA” that funds innovative manufacturers to design and build product meant for space - that they hope will also help us here on earth.

Today, where we live, how the space program is helping to launch new ideas and jobs here on the ground.