The Nose: Anti-Muslim Movies & Free Speech, Public Breastfeeding, And Public Proposals

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The Nose: Anti-Muslim Movies & Free Speech, Public Breastfeeding, And Public Proposals
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The Nose: Anti-Muslim Movies & Free Speech, Public Breastfeeding, And Public Proposals


The story of the Islamic world uprising over a very stupid, cheesy and deliberately provocative movie is too vast to discuss on one show, but on "The Nose" today, we'll break off a little piece of it that is the movie itself, including all the people who worked on it and now claim not to know what it was. 
Also on the topic list: elaborate marriage proposals, the latest one being the guy who faked his own gorey death. I give this union 18 months.
But wait, there's more!
We'll discuss the American University professor who brought her sick daughter to class and then breastfed the baby while she lectured. 
That baby will grow up to proposal to someone in a very odd ways...
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breastfeeding in class

There are not many things that are more stressful and hard to balance than being a working, breastfeeding mother. Your life revolves around carring for an infant, working and pumping. We feel a constant pressure to make it all work, and the fact that this women is being publicly judged because of a single day where she wasn't able to balance it all perfectly I find crude. When a women breastfeeds in public her first concern is and should be the childs comfort, not the public who should be adult enough to handle it. Some children don't want to be hidden under a dark, hot shawl to eat. Maybe if there is an adult who doesn't like it they should walk around with a shawl over their head to avoid the views that are different than their own.

Breastfeeding professor

I agree with Chion here that it really bugged me in this day and age that breastfeeding would be compared to "picking your nose". I guess I just thought we had come a little further. I applaud women who have the guts to breastfeed in public even when the don't strictly speaking, "have to". I hope it's (getting breastfeeding accepted)just a matter of desensitizing the public to the act.
On the other hand, it's interesting that it was the two women on air (not mothers yet, granted) that had an issue with it. What's the deal ladies? Have we as a culture relegated womanhood into three separate phase? Youthful, mother and crone, and each phase is somehow in opposition to the others? Where did that come from? Anti-femenist, indeed!


Breastfeedimg in Class

I'm more than annoyed that breastfeeding was compared to picking your nose or your ass. Breastfeeding is a type of feeding-it is far better for infants, mothers, and the lucky adults who grew up as breast fed infants. I am not commenting here on feeding in front of a class. But change thVe picture to whipping out a bottle and decide how you feel about that. Breastfeeding has to be "degrossed". I know that's not a word but you did a disservice to all breastfeeding women by letting those comments get by without dismay. Breastfeeding is protected by law and as for "whipping it out" I would love to see a picture of each outfit worn to the first day of class. I'm guessing that there was as much if not more on display by the clothed women in class. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act! And it is definitely not gross. Help educate your public and next time invite a breastfeeding advocate.


The idea that a woman needs to be discreet to feed or change her kid is insulting. Get a grip, boobs are just baby food, and people should be expected to handle seeing one.


When my daughter was a baby, whenever she had a fever, she breastfed more frequently - because a sick baby needs more fluid - frequent breastfeeding is the natural body response of the baby and the mother. Also, breastfeeding prevents stress in a sick baby.


What ever happened to the 'teachable moment'?
She's teaching gender studies
Challenge the students about their preconceived notions
Breastfeed discretely (shawl over the shoulder, etc)
continue teaching
involve the class

does this make you uncomfortable?
does this affect womens' options?
how does your gender affect your outlook on it
and so on and so on