Plugging In: Electric Vehicles in Connecticut

Yesterday was “National Plug In Day,” a celebration of electric cars

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Nissan Leaf charging station
Dan Shanahan, EVSE
Photo:Chion Wolf
Plugging In: Electric Vehicles in Connecticut
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Plugging In: Electric Vehicles in Connecticut

Yesterday was “National Plug In Day,” a celebration of the environmental and economic benefits of electric cars.

At CCSU, 100 people gathered with only 15 electric vehicles. You might think that by now, there should be hundreds - or thousands - of electric cars in Connecticut.  But there are only 98 registered in the whole state. 

That’s pretty sad, considering a few years ago Governer Rell formed a committee dedicated to expanding electric vehicle infrastructure in the state.

At that time there were only 2 manufacturers producing electric cars.  Now there are more than 30. But the costs - and the other barriers - are still high.

So, today, where we live, what’ll it take to get you to plug in?  Why aren’t more people driving electric cars?


This program originally aired on September 24, 2012.



Email from Storm

People thinking about owning an electric car suffer from "range anxiety". Those who own them rarely do. My Suzuki Samurai Conversion only had a 20 mile range, but it did not cause anxiety.

Email from Susan

Instead of charging could one drive in to station and have fully charged one replace your “empty” battery. I believe Israel has a similar program. This would be much quicker. One would not own the battery (as I understand it) but would lease them and have them replaced whenever necessary. Obviously there is a huge demand for stations that would deliver this service. Maybe current batteries are too large or expensive or some such issue than those used in US. Israel that is obviously a much smaller country so easier to convert gas stations there.

Is there some way to adapt this type of system?