Esty Says Roraback Is Not A Tea Party Republican

But he would add a vote to the Tea Party agenda in Washington.

Democratic nominee Elizabeth Esty.
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Where We Live: Elizabeth Esty
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Where We Live: Elizabeth Esty

Although national Democrats are running ads in Connecticut connecting Republican Andrew Roraback to the tea party, his opponent Elizabeth Esty distanced herself from the attacks. "I don't say that and I've said I don't say that," said Esty. She added that if a Republican is elected from Connecticut's 5th District, "What you've done is added another vote, added more support at the national level for the national (Tea Party) agenda."

Esty pointed to a larger problem with the Citizens United ruling and campaign finance.

She is the party’s nominee for the 5th district congressional seat. When she started her campaign, she wasn’t the frontrunner. But thanks to strong fundraising and an implosion by the former House Speaker Chris Donovan, who’d been endorsed at the party’s convention, Esty grabbed the nomination - and a chance to take on Roraback in a little more than a month.

Andrew Roraback will be on WNPR's Where We Live on Monday, 10/1.



Esty will be yet another lap

Esty will be yet another lap dog for Pelosi and Obama.

If you like where we are after 3.7 years of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Murphy, then by all means - vote for Esty.

But if you want to see policies that will reverse the damage wrought by the failed Obama agenda and improve the nation's fiscal and economic fortunes, Andrew Roraback is the man to help make that happen.


I agree with the above comment. Roraback is no tea partier. We hate him, and he hates us. Esty will win the 5th in a walk, because none of us are going to do a darn thing to help Andrew. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The suggestion that Roraback

The suggestion that Roraback is a Tea Party guy is the most absurd thing I have heard in my life. Roraback can't stand the Tea Party and the feeling is mutual. The Tea Party won't lift a finger to help him. Esty of course is as liberal as it gets, but it wouldn't bother me in the least if she won. She doesn't damage the GOP brand as a conservative party. It would be easier to defeat her in the 2014 general than to defeat Roraback in the 2014 GOP primary.