The Nose: Debating Big Bird, Strippers In A Truck, & Pulpit Politics

Not all at the same time. Obv.

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The Nose: Debating Big Bird, Strippers In A Truck, & Pulpit Preachin'
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The Nose: Debating Big Bird, Strippers In A Truck, & Pulpit Preachin'

Trust Al Gore to come up with an out-of-left-field and yet completely plausible explanation for something people have been discussing for two days.

Gore is the first to suggest that some of President Obama's Wednesday night problems, maybe a lot of them, were caused by the altitude in Denver. The president arrived a few hours before the debate. Mitt Romney settled in there well in advance and did his debate prep in Denver where the mile-high altitude is generally acknowledged to knock people for a loop if they're not acclimated. 
So, is that a crazy theory?
Not as crazy as the Job Truthers, a spontaneous Twitter-driven movement that formed this morning to claim the Obama administration faked the great unemployment figures that were released today. 
For reasons we'll discuss, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not lend itself to conspiracies.
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Obama's Debate

Both debaters scripted their remarks relying heavily on the other's previous campaign material. Unfortunately for the President, Romney made several moves to the left, from positions that he had held all thru the campaign.

Obama was not ready for that, almost inexplicably.

Obama was talking to the political center. He was not in attack mode, as we see him on the stump, in front of cheering crowds. I believe he reached many in the Center, who were happy with the courteous nature of the exchange. We'll see when the polls come out.

I agree with Wayne that Romney's perhaps premature confidence may be, in part, a product of the design of the President's campaign.


Obama is a poker player. Maybe he was "sand bagging."


The nation didn't listen to the debate on the radio, it watched on television.

The purpose of the debate was for each candidate to pitch voters on their product.

If Obama didn't prepare to present a good visual for his product, he blew the opportunity.

No matter how much smarter he is than Romney, he's got to present well to close the sale.