The Politics Of Hair: Part 2

Hear listener essays, and a conversation about red heads!

Bob Jagendorf, Flickr Creative Commons
The Politics Of Hair: Part 2
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The Politics Of Hair: Part 2

Recently, we did a show about the politics of hair, and we talked about African hair, blondes, and gray hair - We didn't have nearly enough time to cover all hair types, especially redheads. So we decided to devote two segments of today's show to talk about the stereotypes redheads face, and hear from some listeners who had something to say about our first show.

Caroline Murray wrote us to correct the understanding that there are no blondes over the age of 30, Kate Rushin emailed to talk about the challenges of her own hair as an African American woman, and Chion Wolf wrote an essay about the questions that inevitably come up about her dreadlocks.

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My husband and his family are all redheads(and French/Irish to boot!) but of course the stereotypes are false. Get them all together and it is a crazy loud time!

Have you noticed how many red-headed children there seem to be these days? My husband has noted that we see many more red-headed children usually with dark haired parents. The little ones seem to notice it too. They always stare and watch when we are passing by.