Aid From Connecticut to Syria

Connecticut resident is working to get food and medical supplies to Syria.

Aleppo City, viewed from the citadel in 2009.
Aleppo is one of the front lines in the Syrian conflict. Photo:Ed Brambley (Flickr Creative Commons)
Aid From Connecticut to Syria
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Interview with Adib Chouiki
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Aid From Connecticut to Syria
Interview with Adib Chouiki

As the civil war continues to escalate, humanitarian organizations are struggling to get aide to refugees inside Syria. One Connecticut resident is working to smuggle in food and medical supplies.

It's dangerous for humanitarian groups to bring aide to those inside Syria. A lot of that aide is going to refugees that have fled into neighboring countries. But there are still 5 million people inside the war-torn country that need help.

The American-based Swasia Charity Foundation brings food and medical supplies into Syria. West Haven resident Adib Chouiki is among those working with the organization.

Chouiki has been following the events in Syria closely. He's Syrian himself and many of his family members still live there. His nephew was in the Syrian military before switching sides.

"He did defect and refused to point his weapons at his own people so the government forces had shot him and they the burned the house where he was hiding," said Chouiki

It's a tricky and dangerous operation for the Swasia Charity Foundation too. Volunteers operating in Syria keep a low profile to avoid unwanted attention from the government. But charity workers are communicating with the rebels in cities like Aleppo and Homs to help navigate the front lines of the war.

"They are aware of our foundation," said Chouiki. "They know our volunteers who stay always under the radar because if they got caught, that's it for them."

Chouiki says they are in need of medical supplies, especially patches and compresses that can be used to stop bleeding.



We can finaly help stop the extreme and brutal suffering

Until now there have been no aid groups who we could contribute to that can help the Syrian People. Each night national news reports the deaths and horror without any information on how to help. Swasia has provided a means for Americans to not only save lives but to help guide Syrias future democracy by installing the American Publics good will through desperately needed food and medical aid. The Children of Syria will grow to remember the Americans who helped them when their lives were shattered. Children Slaughtered by Assad
We can save so many lives and deliver some light in an extremely dark world for children. We can help to raise the next generation of Syrians into a free democracy. The smallest donations will temporarily distract a child away from their certain traumas providing them just a moment of relief when they recieve something from the Americans. Please donate to Swasia and send a moment of relief to a child. We are Americans and this is something we are good at helping children who desperately need us.

Swasia is desperately in need of emergency medical supplies and would deeply appreciate any referrals, suggestions and advice on where medical supplies could be available for donations. Donations can be sent to SWASIA FOUNDATION
198 ESSEX RD RT 153


Finaly there is a way to get help in. Assad has killed anyone trying and Swasia is a group of real American Heroes. Thank you so much Tucker and NPR for helping Syria