A Patient Centered Medical Home

It's seen by advocates as a better way to get services to communities in need

Chion Wolf
A Patient Centered Medical Home
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A Patient Centered Medical Home


The “Patient Centered Medical Home” is a fairly new way of talking about what medical care used to be. The idea is that a patient has a primary care doctor who does more than just see them when they’re sick, but actually knows them, has all their records at hand, can suggest specialists, and most importantly work with the patient on keeping him or herself healthy. So, why isn’t all medicine practiced this way?  Well, not surprisingly it’s about cost.

As part of our project with the Connecticut Heath Foundation to look at health disparities - and in conjuncion with a report from The Connecticut Health Investigative team by Colleen Shaddox - we want to spend some time looking into this very simple idea, that some see as revolutionary.

This program is part of WNPR's Public Will Project, made possible by The Connecticut Health Foundation