The Nose: Presidential Debates, Death Of Print, & Puppies!

From binders to moderators - the Nose wraps the week in pop culture.

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Annie the Pup.
Rand Richard Cooper brought his 15 week old puppy, Annie, to the WNPR studios in Hartford. Photo:Chion Wolf
Jacques Lamarre
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Patty McQueen
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Rand Richards Cooper
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Colin McEnroe
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Lucy Nalpathanchil
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The Nose: Presidential Debates, Death Of Print, & Puppies!
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The Nose: Presidential Debates, Death Of Print, & Puppies!

Here are a few things that happened this week in the presidential campaign.

Binders full of women went viral. Bruce Springsteen endorsed Obama and went on the road for him. Hillary Clinton made a pretty emphatic case for the idea that she will never run for anything again. Candy Crowley had such a moment that there may, henceforth, be something called a Candy Crowley moment. 
Meanwhile, the polls are so screwy that even Nate Silver, who knows everything, seems to have moments of uncertainty.
On the Nose this week, we'll run through this week's peaks and valleys. In our second segment, we'll talk about the death knells for and persistence of paper. Is there some reading or record-keeping activity you refuse to transfer to the digital world?
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E-mail from Cindy

Three reasons why I find myself preferring to read on my kindle vs an actual book:
1. I can read it on my iPhone if I have unexpected down time and didn't bring the book with me.
2. I can read series like Game of Thrones without incurring back injuries.
3. Improving my vocabulary: When I come across a word I don't know or don't know well, I can highlight the word and see the definition right away; I'm too lazy to go get my dictionary with similar words in paper books!

Love the show!!!

E-mail from Karl

Colin, When it comes to "the moderator slapping a candidate down", let's not forget the entire primary season: Several Republicans, and a crowd full of self-selected partisans, roared with disapproval at any moderator who dared to not just create an audition reel for Fox News. Not the best training for the "Candy Crowley isn't knuckling under" debate, is it? Cordially, Karl in the suburbs

E-mail from Scott

I honestly can’t believe the nonsense you and your guests are coming up with regarding the debate!

Will you stop at anything to convince yourselves or those listening to you, to come around to your twisted thought process?

Crowley or any moderators job is NOT to interfere with, correct or fact check, they are to ask the questions and try to keep the process moving. I understand the position of you and “your” show, but the debate moderator is to be “neutral”!

I realize I am talking about a fantasy world since the media is so far to the left, and there is no realistic chance of a neutral moderator.

E-mail from Tom

Couldn’t we watch over their shoulders while they put their ideas into a Sim Country game and see what happens?

Tom (The Toy Designer )

E-mail from Bernie

Continuing with your sports analogy I have thought for a long time that when a candidate does speak an "untruth" the penalty should be that he has to stand a foot further from the microphone so that after enough penalties he would become inaudible.
What do you think?