Sizzling Spectacles: Fashion And The Economics Of Eyewear

Every Fashionable Face Has a Pair of Eyeglasses.

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Stewart Miller of Optician's Unlimited
Miller spoke about the business of glasses and outlined some of the reasons why online eyewear vendors can't compete with traditional brick and mortar stores. Photo:Chion Wolf
Sizzling Spectacles: Fashion And The Economics Of Eyewear
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Sizzling Spectacles: Fashion And The Economics Of Eyewear

Glasses get people talking.

Remember Sarah Palin? Last month, Politico ran an item suggesting that CNN's Wolf Blitzer had picked out new eyeglasses that closely resembled those of much younger, hipper New Yorker politics writer Ryan Lizza.  

Watchers of the cable series "Boss" have grown accustomed to the ever changing eyewear styles worn by the character Kitty O'Neill, played by Kathleen Robertson.
One particular pair excited online discussion and turned out to be the "Lucky" model offered in the color champagne by Barton Perreira. Those run about $350, just for the frames. 
Barton Perreira has a very high-end exclusive looking website, but the frames are actually made by the company that owns the eyeglass departments of Sears and Target not to mention Lens Crafters and Pearle Vision.
Today, we'll look at the business, psychology and future of eyeglasses. Leave your comments below, e-mail or Tweet us@wnprcolin.



Eye glass frames

Fabulous Fanny's, 9th St in NYC This store offers fashionable vintage frames at very reasonable prices. Over a number of years, I've purchased 5 frames from this fun shop and my optometrist fitted them with my progressive lens prescription or bifocal suns. People love my rhinestones of many colors and appreciate knowing where I have found them. My favorite frame cost only $55 and the shop owners are always willing to repair, refit and replace jewels as needed.


Regarding the caller who said she had 5 pairs of glasses & another caller who acted like that was impossible, I also have multiple pairs of glasses. If I break my only pair, I am blind! Another reason, I'm not going to wear my best glasses gardening & I'm not going to wear my most beat-up pair to an important event. I didn't go out one day & buy them all at once, I've gotten them over time. Because I get quality frames in faltering styles (I actually go to Opticians Unlimited), I'm able to change my lens as my prescription changes. I'm FAR from wealthy & buying from an independent optician who has a generous warranty & helps me stay within my budget has allowed me to do this. Lastly, believe it or not, I've found that when I compare actual prices of chains to the independent dealer, I do better at the independent store.

Ilze writes:

Hi Colin,

Just caught the tail end - didn't get organized in time to call.
Wanted to say that style is whatever works on a person. I bought a
pair at Central Optica 20 or so years ago and I still get compliments
on them whenever I wear them and everyone wants to know where I got

Also, I wanted to mention that even though Rand still sounds a bit
pompous, he was great last Friday - novel, interesting things to say.

Gene writes:
Too many to choose from. And great prices ......