Presidential Eccentricities

Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw, and more

the only surviving complete set of George Washington’s dentures, ca. 1790-1799.
Photo:The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
Presidential Eccentricities
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Presidential Eccentricities

These days, it seems as though we know just about everything (probably more than we need to know) about the men who are running for President. Every gaffe and personal trait gets a full treatment on SNL and on Twitter.

But throughout history, our presidents have had some pretty interesting things about them.

For instance, did you know that Teddy Roosevelt owned a snake named “Emily Spinach?” That Millard Fillmore’s favorite color was fuschia? That Uylesses S Grant didn’t like anyone to see him naked? Today we're joined by University of New Haven author Stephen Spignesi to talk about his new book Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw and Other Unusual, Unexpected, Unbelievable but All-True Facts About America's Presidents.