And The Winner Is...

Voting Disputes, The Electoral College, And The Election Of 2012

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And The Winner Is...
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And The Winner Is...


Why do I feel like tomorrow's election is just the beginning of a second long messy national debate?
The candidates and the political parties are pretty clearly lawyered up. Any race that isn't a blow-out seems headed for a series of legal challenges on voting procedures.
And then there are the various Electoral College nightmare scenarios.
There's the College vote that breaks the opposite way from the popular vote. This tends to create an atmosphere of feverish discontent. 
There's the even more terrifying prospect of the 269-269 electoral vote tie, which can be resolved but not without even greater national angst. 
Then there's the possibility of the Faithless Elector, one of my favorite political phrases. That's the elector who decides to vote as he or she pleases, regardless of the election result.
We'll discuss our dopey system after the news.
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Jeffress writes:

There is an organization 99rise promoting the elimination of all spending by corporations and unions, who ARE NOT individuals from spending to influence elections.
A point worth bringing up

Dave writes:

We need to reform campaign finance before the electoral college

Jay writes:

I used to be against the EC and I still principle. However, until "Citizens United" is overturned and there's real campaign finance reform, then we are better off with the EC. Why? Well, because of the EC, the money battle is only i
n about a dozen states. Can you imagine what it would have been like if every vote in every state had to be contested? On top of that, legal challenges this year will be limited to the "swing states" because of the EC. Without the EC, legal maneuvering would take place in many more states.