Election Day!

Getting reports for the our listeners on what 's happening at the polls.

Election Day!
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Election Day!

The power’s on at the polling places. The coffee is flowing and the donuts are warm, which is good, because this morning at my polling place, it was 21 degrees.  One poll-standing candidate was wrapped head to toe in a sleeping bag.  Yes, it’s election day in Connecticut...finally.

We’ve heard from the candidates - so today we want to hear from you. You’ll be our eyes and ears at the polls.  Who did you vote for and why? What’s voting like in your town today? Long lines? Any problems? If you’re in a town where Sandy cleanup is still a problem, what are you seeing?



Email from Leo

I just voted in Branford. There was a slow but steady stream of people coming in and out but it took me less than 5 minutes to vote. I voted for Obama and Murphy. I voted for Obama last time and have been disappointed that he hasn't accomplished more. However, I do think his actions kept us from falling into another 1930s style depression. And with the Republican congress's stated highest priority being to keep him from winning another term, it's a wonder that he accomplished anything at all. And the health care plan, with all its shortcomings, is a major accomplishment that previous presidents have been unable to accomplish. I think Obama needs a Democratic senate to get anything done and I think Murphy has shown himself to be a good and capable man. I've been turned off by McMahon's endless commercials and her spending multimillions trying to re-shape her image as kind and caring. To my mind, she still comes across as a mean person, and the way she made her fortune and treated her employees was reason enough not to vote for her.

Email from Jill

North Haven @ Clintonville Elementary

Steady stream of people coming to vote, but no lines to speak of. All voting stations were filled, but I wanted about 30 seconds before one opened.

Two young boys sitting outside, one in a banana costume, would ask you if you were voting, and cheered you on when you replied yes. Asked the same when you left, and cheered you again. Made it fun!

Email from Terry

I would like to remind those people who are planning to vote for Obama and Linda McMahon that a vote for McMahon is a vote for a Republican majority in the Senate. A Republican majority would mean that all the Senate committee chairmen would be Republican and, with Republican control of the House, Republicans could ram through the ultra conservative/Tea Party agenda. Given the conservative dominance of the Supreme Court, moderate government wouldn't stand a chance. Please Think Before You Vote for McMahon.

As for McMahon herself, she would safeguard the special privileges of the rich,not the middle class.

Email from Kathleen

At 6:15 AM, there was already a growing line for the H- Z streets at my polling place (Foran High School); I walked right in through the A-G non-line.

Oh, I voted straight Democratic ticket- and am dismayed to hear Nader is still desperate for attention, trying to encourage more spoiler votes in a critical election- wasn't 2000 enough mayhem for him?