The Nose: Obama Speaks, Bond Returns, & Pot Gets Legalized

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President Obama
File Photo: President Barack Obama at Fort Hood, Tex. in November of 2009. Photo:Flickr Creative Commons, U.S. Army
The Nose: Obama Speaks, Bond Returns, & Pot Gets Legalized
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The Nose: Obama Speaks, Bond Returns, & Pot Gets Legalized

On today's show we carried President Obama first address to the nation since his re-election. We had planned a regular episode of The Nose -- a discussion of James Bond, marijuana legalization and a few endorsements. We'll still do all of that, but we'll start of with the president's speech and our own quick reaction to it. 

So what's happening here? One of the lessons of the Obama victory is this: define your adversary and define the terms of the arguments. Do it early. Do it over and over before he even understands what's happening to him. 
Obama in the first term scheduled meetings with the Republicans in Congress and looked to find common ground with them. Obama in the second term will look to outflank them by taking his message directly to the citizens. Chances are, that strategy begins in just a few minutes. 
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E-mail from Myron

Just got home from seeing the latest Bond file. Sorry I can't be as literate as my classmate David Edelstein, but in short it was fantastic. Just enough use of tech and a great return of the original Bond car. I won't be any more revealing than that, but any 007 fan worth their salt needs to see it. Craig is a worthy replacement for Connery. Dalton would be my third favorite.

Shaken not Stirred

Myron, Loomis '81

P.S. I wish I could have taken your Wolfie as my date. She rocks

E-mail from Ilze

My favorite comment was the President's mention on the fact that he would like to do all this without drama! Many of us are sick of the drama after the campaign and certainly ready for less.