The Greening of Connecticut Brownfields

Living With Our Manufacturing Legacy

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Roger Reynolds, Senior Attorney, Connecticut Fund for the Environment
Photo:Chion Wolf
Arthur Bogen, Environmental Planner, Valley Council of Governments
Photo:Chion Wolf
The Greening of Connecticut Brownfields
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The Greening of Connecticut Brownfields

Connecticut’s industrial history means that we have hundreds of  abandoned sites, or ”brownfields,” whose clean-up could provide economic opportunity and take away the pressures to develop “greener” land.

Successful clean-ups like the Brass Mill Center Mall in Berger’s hometown created new jobs, revitalized a park, and spurred new development. 

But, with hundreds of these sites still contaminated and left unused - there’s a long way to go.

Lack of funds, risk of liability, and unwieldy bureaucracy makes developing brownfields difficult.

Today, how to build better on brownfields - and make them viable both environmentally and economically.