Hospitals Prepare For The Flu

CDC Warns This Year's Flu Is Earlier and The Strain More Potent

Flu Vaccinations Mandatory This Year In Many Connecticut Hospitals
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Hospitals Prepare For The Flu
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Hospitals Prepare For The Flu

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say this year's flu season is off to it's earliest start in nearly a decade. Many hospitals nationwide, including 19 in Connecticut, have implemented mandatory flu shots for it's workers. 

But, there has been some pushback from unions representing hospital workers, and at least a few workers have been fired for refusing to get the flu shot. 

Dr. Mary Reich Cooper, Vice-President and Chief Quality Officer at the Connecticut Hospital Association talks about it.



Ann writes:

I have taught school. I have worked in hospitals. I have worked in a children's partial psychiatric program. I have had nothing even vaguely resembling the flu in 18 years. I have not had a flu shot in over 30 years. Why should I have a flu shot. (I just really don't get sick at all much, including colds).