Connecticut Notifies EPA of Intent to Sue With Six Other States

States Contend EPA is Violating the Clean Air Act.

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Interview of George Jepsen
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Interview of George Jepsen

On Wednesday, Connecticut joined six other states in notifying the Environmental Protection Agency that they intend to sue the EPA if they do not address methane emissions from oil and gas industries.

The states contend the EPA is violating the Clean Air Act.

Joining us by phone is Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen. He explained that methane comes out of the ground as well when oil and gas are extracted.

"Methane is about 25 times more devastating in its impact on global warming than oil and gas. It's a very potent addition to global warming across the globe," Jepsen said.

Every eight years the EPA is required to review whether standards for containing methane are adequate. This time around, the EPA did not address cost-effective measures that could contain methane, so the states are prepared to go to court to force the issue to be addressed.