UConn Athletics In A Shifting Environment

UConn's Susan Herbst and Warde Manuel on athletics and conference realignment.

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UConn President Susan Herbst
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UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel
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UConn Athletics In A Shifting Environment
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UConn Athletics In A Shifting Environment

The tragedy in Newton has consumed our lives for the last several days. We’ll continue to have that conversation - as Connecticut attempts to heal. But today, we welcome in two guests to talk about something that many people in our state turn to as a relief - a respite - and a place to gather: Sports.

The University of Connecticut has been built into a top academic and research institution - but nobody will deny that its national prominence is fueled in large part by its successful sports programs.

UConn’s men's and women’s basketball teams have won a combined 10 national titles, and is one of the strongest brands in college sports.

But the changing landscape of conference affiliation has left our flagship university at a crossroads. Still a member of a diminished Big East conference - left out, so far of expansion by more lucrative conference deals - so what’s the future for UConn sports...and more importantly, how can the university, which brings so many together for big time basketball and football, help people in Connecticut through this tough time?