The Nose: Reviewing A Week In Profanity

The Nose rounds up the week in pop culture and politics.

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The Nose: Reviewing A Week In Profanity
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The Nose: Reviewing A Week In Profanity

It's been a noisy week in Lake Profanity. The Speaker of the House told the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate to "go eff himself." Twice. 

Glamour magazine ran, on its cover, the s-word with one letter asterisked out -- a practice writer Steve Rushin refers to as "obscene hangman."  And the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a police officer cannot arrest you simply for giving him the finger.
I'm not sure how it fits into all of the preceding, but some part of that thread may also run through the peculiar New Years Eve dance done by comedian Kathy Griffin and newsman Anderson Cooper, the latter trying to preserve some shred of his gravitas while the former lured him into every possible trap of compromising behavior. 
So is there anything to say about that, beyond the obvious way cursing is gradually losing its impact? Our panel the Nose will discuss both that and the national obsession with Hillary Clinton's health.
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