Bill Proposes Metal Detectors At The Capitol

Rep. Ernest Hewett's bill was introduced before Newtown.

Connecticut's State Capitol and Legislative Office Building does not currently have metal detectors installed.
Photo:Chion Wolf (File photo - 2/16/11)
Interview with Rep. Ernest Hewett
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Interview with Rep. Ernest Hewett

On this first day of the Connecticut's legislative session, at least one lawmaker wants to make sure that the general assembly can do their work safely. New London State Representative Ernest Hewett has proposed installing metal detectors at the entrance of the state Capitol and the Legislative Office Building.

"It's like going on a plane," said Hewett. "If you get on that airplane and everybody has to go through the same security you went through, you feel a little comfortable on that plane."

The bill was introduced before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Last year, a man was arrested for interfering with the legislative process at a Judiciary Committee hearing. Hewett, who was part of that hearing, called the lack of security a problem.

According to CTNewsJunkie, the legislature previously bought two metal detectors with grant money. They have not been used since they were bought two years ago.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 23 states have metal detectors installed in their capitol buildings.

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