Welcome To The Great State Of New England!

What would happen if all the states merged into one super state?

Map of New England (1755)
Photo:Toronto Public Library
Welcome To The Great State Of New England!
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Welcome To The Great State Of New England!

Our beloved New England. Scenic coastline...lobster pots and clam shacks...Green Mountains, White Mountains...a long river valley filled with Yankees who take their long winters as a point of pride...history, culture...it’s all right here.

So, here’ sa question...what if New England wasn’t a collection of tiny, picture-postcard colonies...but one, giant state? One whose economic and political power would put us in a league with New York, Texas and Florida?

Sure, we’d have fewer Senators...but a lot of representatives and electoral votes. We’d consolidate one of the best tourist destinations into one unit...so we wouldn’t have to waste money competing for skiiers or gamblers.

Interesting idea, huh? Today, we’ll talk to Charlie Monagan, who revived the idea of “The Great State of New England” for Connecticut Magazine.

What’s our state flag? Our state motto and song? Even the state bird and insect?

And then there are the political and economic ramifications. Would it create enough jobs to make up for the state government jobs that would be cut? Would the extra electoral votes be worth the loss of U.S. Senators?