The Gaussian Blurred Line Of Photoshop In Advertising

See what i did there?

Chion Wolf's attempt to photoshop an ad for today's show.
The Gaussian Blurred Line Of Photoshop In Advertising
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The Gaussian Blurred Line Of Photoshop In Advertising
If you feel some vague, latent sense of dissatisfaction with the way all the people around you look, it's possible that you're an unwitting victim of a culture in which digital technology allows for an unprecedented level of retouching, and airbrushing, and actual physical distortion of the human body.
In a way, it's profoundly egalitarian. You may not need large breasts and a tiny waist to be a magazine model -- or even a movie star. In another way, of course, it's miserably hierarchical, imposing on us all a set of aesthetic standards that don't exist in nature. 
I confess I had given roughly zero amount of thought about this topic prior to heading into our show. And I still think, in our society, that there's a murky boundary between permissable expression and damnable deception. So let's talk about where that line is on today's show.
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Hey Chion, thanks for the opportunity to be on the show!

I just wanted to follow up by say, that as a retoucher, I think that it's incredibly important for parents and educators to have discussions about images in magazines and advertising and reality. Understanding how produced the images we see everywhere are, starting with the basics of a fashion shoot: Professionally lit with the model's features in mind (not an on camera flash,) the models have an hour of professional make-up, the models are shot from their best angle(s), and a more flattering lens (i.e.: not the wider angler lens on your smart phone or point and shoot,) on the camera. Also, the models are comfortable in front of the camera (most of us aren't and it shows.) Then add the retouching and you have a complete fiction, but one, that if applied to you or me would "elevate" how we look to a different level.

We've become a society that is less satisfied with ourselves and who we are, because we want to be that idealized retouched image, and the constant bombardment of images of all kinds makes it harder to separate reality and retouching. A continuos dialogue needs to be had with our youth (male and female,) about being comfortable in their own skins.

Great show, thanks again to you and Colin for letting me be a part of it.