The Nose: 'Food Porn,' Hillary Bites Back, & A Case Against Cats

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The Nose: 'Food Porn,' Hillary Bites Back, & A Case Against Cats
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The Nose: 'Food Porn,' Hillary Bites Back, & A Case Against Cats

In the Satyricon by Petronius, I know, is that a pretentious opening or what? We read about the feast of Trimalchio. It's long, it's opulent, and precious.

It's a satire of the moires of the moment. But them, as we digest it, it's a little more than that. It's an Instagram of a moment in time. It's all about a monied class completely out of touch and, implicitly, about an empire grown top heavy with spoils.

Of course, today, Trimalchio is us. The people with smartphones feel some compulsion to snap pictures of the pretty meals set before them in expensive restaurants even as people outside are hungry and homeless.

Still, everybody should know about your sea urchin and crab pate, right?

Today on the Nose, we'll discuss restaurants that forbid this. We'll talk about Hillary Clinton taking off the gloves, and the worst magazine profile ever.

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E-mail from Anonymous

Simply prohibit electronic devices from good restaurants and other venues as done in Europe, etc. Eliminates all kinds of irritations. N

E-mail from Jane

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that hundreds of millions of songbirds are killed each year by domestic cats.

E-mail from Suzanne

I can't believe how uninformed everyone is concerning cats. I suggest reading information on Audubon. House cats are the #1 killer of birds. The only place for domestic cats is indoors.
I was hoping that the discussion would have had more substance. I usually find you discussions more intelligent.

E-mail from William

Cats are the biggest predator of song birds in the country. No a one cat is not making a difference but they are a huge problem.

E-mail from Anonymous

This months Vogue has a cover story of the actress Rooney Mara. (The girl with the dragon tattoo) It can be found online and is the perfect example of the kind of celebrity print interview that's been done for forever. Vanity Fair does one of these on Johnny Depp at least once a year. I've read dozens of them and the sort of what they ordered during lunch thing is boring to me now.

E-mail from Bob

I love to eat good food and actually catch or hunt a good deal of the protein my family consumes every year. I take photos of the people and friends that gather around holiday meals etc, but have in my life (and I have over 10,000 digital photos on my IMac) even considered taking a photo of a plate of food. I take many photos to go with the free lance articles I write for newspapers and magazines about fishing and hunting, even done four books on fishing over the years. Other than for one of the books never took a photo of a plate of food, no matter how good it looked.

This is a joke:
Question is, if you are narsicistic enough to take a photo of a plate of food do those same people also take another photo after it’s been processed by their bodies in the toilet?

Love your show and NPR in general and listen all the time.

E-mail from Nikki

Food is a big part of our culture. There are entire television channels and magazines dedicated to the topic. Food can be beautiful or surprising or comforting, and is certainly something that we all share. Most of what people post, food or otherwise, is done entirely for the gratification of the person posting. I think you are suffering from Facebook Superiority Syndrome (the act of using your status update to complain about another person's status update).

E-mail from Olia

Yelp. Those people love your food porn because that's what they're there to see. Use it and spare the rest of us your gluttony and bore.