Jubilant Sykes On "Breath & Imagination"

Catch him in the show at Hartford Stage, playing singer Roland Hayes.

Jubilant Sykes.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Jubilant Sykes On "Breath & Imagination"
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Jubilant Sykes On "Breath & Imagination"

If you follow music, you might know the work of Jubilant Sykes as a recording artist, and as a guest performer with orchestras. He's starring right now at Hartford Stage Company in a biographical play about another singer whose story begins during Reconstruction, "Breath & Imagination". Roland Hayes re-wrote the rules about what African-American vocalists could do.

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I am a long-time listener. As a local poet, I thank you for the show with R. Blanco; and as a music lover, for having Jubilant Sykes on your show. More than that for playing my single favorite track of him singing Tom Waits. I've thought about calling in about that album during a music show. The album is in my estimation a complete success, each song adding to the eclectic mix. I'm so glad you played it. Hopefully it will generate some interest in this rich baritone. I still remember the night I heard him for the first time on Boston Public radio, singing jazz.