Daniel Handler Explains 'Why We Broke Up'

A chat about relationships with the writer also known as 'Lemony Snicket.'

"Why We Broke Up" by Daniel Handler & Maira Kalman
Daniel Handler Explains 'Why We Broke Up'
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Daniel Handler Explains 'Why We Broke Up'

Each of us has a good break up story from youth. And most of us can manage now, to make it kind of funny.  Because that's the only possible response to such searing pain.

Breaking up, when it first happens, introduces us to a whole new kind of pain. We're in our teens. We've skinned our knees and broken our collarbones. We've had pets and maybe grandparents die. All kinds of other things have happened to us. What's the likelihood that life has some fabulously different type of pain to throw at us? 
And then it comes. And, at its worse, it sears and gnaws for days and weeks and months. It's in the body, the heart, the soul.
Break-up pain is unusual because there's an incredibly simple way to make it stop. The other person just has to take us back, and we'll be all better. But that's an act of volition we can't control. Today, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) on breaking up.
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