Mike Lupica On The Magic Of Sports

A conversation with the noted columnist and author.

Mike Lupica
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Mike Lupica On The Magic Of Sports
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Mike Lupica On The Magic Of Sports

My first request is that you not bail on this show because of its sports theme.

I know some people just think that sports has nothing to offer them, and they turn their backs on a lot that's good. I've lost count of the people who didn't watch Friday Night Lights, one of the best five TV shows of the last ten years, because, they said, it's about football.  What could possibly be of interest in a show about football? And today's show will be about more than sports. It will about writing. And fairness. And Monopoly.
I also want to say something right now about the importance, for some of us, of young adult sports literature. I was changed, for the good, by a completely forgotten book called "Three Men on Third" by Gene Olsen. A baseball book, but one written with a lush, comic elegance that shapes my prose writing to this very day.
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