Shoveling Out & Replacing The Pope

Not at the same time. Or same place.

It's a Pope Angel!
Shoveling Out & Replacing The Pope
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Shoveling Out & Replacing The Pope


On Facebook, I asked people what they learned during the storm.
One person learned that Domino's will keep its pizza drivers on the road even after the highways are closed, a source of anxiety if your kid is one of those drivers.
Another Facebooker said he gained insight about how hard life must have been for his family, a generation or so back in rural Quebec.
A lot of people learned a lot of things about snowblowers, ranging from just wishing for one, to shrewd advice about how to start one under adverse conditions. 
We tend, in crises, to focus on what's not working. In past storm emergencies, the talk was about power outages and little else. This time around, the utilities took a lighter hit and responded pretty quickly. So nobody's talking about that,. Everybody'stalking about plowing that didn't get done. But what else did you learn? 
We'll also talk with National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters, about the breaking news that Pope Benedict XVI is planning to retire at the end of the month. 
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When you discuss the Pope today.............
Don’t forget to mention that ‘he is too pooped to Pope!”


Once again, Chion totally kicks! A gurrll pope. I doubt the Vatican is
ready for that. I am.


When I went outside yesterday, I saw more neighbors in my condo area than I ever have before in 3 years of living there. People were shoveling, meeting their neighbors, helping their neighbors. I really liked seeing that.

I'd love to see more people get rid of their TVs and generally participate in more outdoor/ interactive activities.


1. Plug in electric heat mats right outside the dog door -makes a great path and washable rubber if they don't go any further.
2. I made myself snowshoes by framing some screening material. Throw a screen down on the snow for the dogs to walk on--it turns everyone into a Jesus walker


Thanks for having the incomparable Frank Tavarez on! I'm from Chicago and even my relatives think this is "an effing lot of snow" (I'm in New Haven now with no prospect of ever seeing my car again).


Just wanted to mention the group effort that I noticed on side streets near where I live. Residents banding together with there own snowblowers in formation to clean off there side streets that had not been plowed. Good to see people working together to get things done, mike m, Burlington ct