Portraying Lincoln

A Conversation With Lincoln Scholars On The Man, The Movie, and Connecticut

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Meet Abraham Lincoln
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Portrait of Abraham Lincoln at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.
Photo:Catie Talarski
Lincoln's personal bag.
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Happy birthday Abraham Lincoln!
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Abraham Lincoln (Howard Wright's) glasses.
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Lincoln expert Matthew Warshauer
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Portraying Lincoln
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Portraying Lincoln

It’s argued that no one can do as good of a job of portraying President Lincoln on film as Daniel Day-Lewis. 

Lincoln, the movie, is up for 12 Academy Awards. But weeks before the Oscars, Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney is asking the studio to alter an inaccuracy that puts Connecticut on the wrong side of the slavery debate.

Today, on the 204th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, we discussed the real man behind the movie and talk to scholars and presenters about the process of bringing Lincoln to life, and the immortalized president’s impact locally during his 1860 tour through Connecticut.